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A world novelty - the first completely CO2-neutral investment

Finreon presents its new and innovative solution Finreon ZeroCarbon®, with which the climate goals of tomorrow can be achieved today. Simple, flexible and cost-effective decarbonization of investment portfolios - this is what the new range of solutions promises.

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Economic forum of the industry and trade association Grenchen and surroundings

On August 20, 2020 the Economic Forum of the Industry and Trade Association of Grenchen and its surroundings took place. Dr. Ralf Seiz was invited as "star guest" and talked to Reto Kohli, Dominik Blösch and Silvio Bertini about the topic "Financial documents in today's environment".

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Beyond Zero: Ways out of the monetary policy impasse

On Wednesday, September 9, the annual joint customer event together with Acrevis took place. Dr. Ralf Seiz (CEO, Finreon) and Dr. Alexander Gruber (Head of Economic Research and Advisory, Finreon) presented as guest speakers on the topic Beyond Zero: Ways out of the monetary policy impasse  .

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A two-step approach to equity risk management

The attractiveness of the equity asset class is further enhanced by the current low interest rate environment.
However, equities bear a risk of major losses in value. In the current issue of the Absolut|report, we divide the risk for loss of value into two types and show how an  investment portfolio can be protected against asset losses   by two complementary risk management approaches.

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In the event of a crash, large losses of substance occur

The development of the risk-bearing cover ratio (RTDG) of Swiss pension funds depends (increasingly) on the stock markets: A 1% decline in the MSCI World causes the coverage ratio to fall by approximately 0.65%. Accordingly, the corona crash has led to large losses in the coverage ratio.

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CLOSED: The world stands still

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, we are living through historic times! The events on the markets are overturning: whole countries are in lockdown. Some industries are at a complete standstill. Central banks are printing vast amounts of money. Governments put together unprecedented rescue packages and even talk about helicopter money. In our macroeconomic update, we shed light on the fascinating background, provide exciting facts and describe the possible effects on the markets and the economy.

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Finreon wins two Lipper Fund Awards 2020 in cooperation with St.Galler Kantonalbank

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that Finreon, in collaboration with St.Galler Kantonalbank (SGKB), has won two Lipper Fund Awards 2020. The awards were presented to representatives of the two partners on Wednesday, 26 February 2020 at the official Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards 2020 Switzerland event at Park Hyatt in Zurich.

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Finreon donates to the Children's Cancer Aid Switzerland at Christmas

For this year's Christmas Finreon is donating a contribution to the Children's Cancer Aid Switzerland. With this donation we support the project "40 years / 40 pictures" by Boris Baldinger. We bought 10 pictures at an auction, which were raffled to our customers and partners.

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Launch of the Finreon Premium Stable Income Fund

On 19 August 2019, Finreon successfully launched the Finreon Premium Stable Income Fund with initial investments of more than CHF 120 million. The Finreon Stable Income Fund marks the first product in Finreon’s new product range for high net worth individuals, family offices and foundations. The new White Fleet III – Finreon Premium Stable Income Fund enables private investors to invest like leading institutional investors.

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Third Academic Brown Bag Seminar by Finreon and SIX

At the 26th of February 2019 the third academic Brown Bag Seminar took place. We were pleased to welcome over 80 participants from various renowned companies in the financial sector to this fruitful event at the Au Prémier in Zurich. As in previous years, the latest academic papers from the field of financial market research were presented in a short and easily understandable format and made available to the participants. At the following networking lunch, lively discussions continued.

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Factor-based Smart Beta Investing – is there a pilot on board? (Banco, 2018)

During turbulent market phases, many questions arise. Among those, the risks in factor-based smart beta solutions is a recurrent one.

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SPI Single Premia Index - Welches Schweinderl hättens denn gern? (Payoff Magazine, 2017)

The ZKB-Tracker-Certificates of the seven SPI Single Premia Indices offer a factor based asset of your choice. 

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Index Fund CSMPBFA - Competition for active Swiss Equity Funds (Payoff Magazine, 2017)

The index fund CSMPBFA of Credit Suisse is based on the SPI Multi Premia index and enables the achievement of above average total returns with Swiss stocks.

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Where to search for return these days? The success factors (Le Temps,2017)

Academic research has identified new sources of return, so-called factors, which can increase the performance characteristics of the portfolio. The reference indices with factor weighting implement these scientific insights by making use of the return drivers in a systematic way.

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Launch of seven certificates on SPI Single Premia Indices®

The product range on the SPI Multi Premia® Index family is expanding with seven Open-End Tracker Certificates issued by Zürcher Kantonalbank which allow investors to make targeted investments in the seven single-factors.

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What sources drive stock returns? - Diversification accross several factors (Schweizer Personalvorsorge, 2016)

Academic research has indentified numerous factor premia that enable the realization of excess returns in the long run. However, an investment in single return sources is subject to the danger of long underperformance phases. Systematic diversification accross several return sources provides a remedy.

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Learning Curve - Factor based indices on Swiss stocks (Payoff Magazine, 2016)

The Swiss stock exchange recently launched the index family SPI Multi Premia for factor-based investing. The eight new indices allow for a broader diversification and create new return opportunities.

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Finreon complements the Multi Premia® product range with a defensive option

The Finreon Multi Premia® approach combines the risk reduction of a minimum variance portfolio with the return optimization through systematic factor exposures. The solution offers investors an alternative to traditional stock investments with likely higher risks and bonds that barely yield any return in the current low interest rate environment.

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Finreon launches in cooperation with SIX and Credit Suisse the SPI Multi Premia® index series

The new index series relies on systematic return drivers and exhibits robust performance features thanks to the targeted diversification of these factors.

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Finreon launches together with the Credit Suisse and the Credit Suisse Investment Foundation the investment group CSA BVG 25–45 Dynamic

The new investment solution offers an innovative approach for tackling the challenges of the current market environment in a balanced portfolio. 

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Finreon offers the established IsoPro® concept now on sustainable titles in the emerging markets as well

Promising start of the Finreon Sustainable Emerging Markets Equity IsoPro® fund.

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Bonds are investable again with Finreon Fixed Income Risk Control®

With Finreon Fixed Income Risk Control®, Finreon offers a simple and complete solution which systematically manages and hedges the interest rate and credit risks, while not renouncing the capability of bond investments in the long term.

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More return per unit risk with passive, not market capitalized indices

Since their launch, all IsoPro® strategiey outperformed their benchmarks.

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Risk-controlled investments with Finreon Tail Risk Control® are now also available for Swiss equities

The launch of the equity funds 'Finreon Tail Risk Control® 0-100' was successful

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Passive Investment but without Construction Deficits – Now Also Available for Global and Emerging Markets Equities

The launch of the equity funds ‚Finreon World Equity IsoPro®‘ and ‚Finreon Emerging Markets Equity IsoPro®‘ was successful

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Risk-Controlled Investing with the Finreon Tail Risk Control® (World) Fund

The Equity Fund ‚Finreon Tail Risk Control® (World)‘, advised by the Swiss spin-off Finreon, was successfully launched. 

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Launch of the New Webpage

Finally: was relaunched with a new homepage design on January 8th.

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